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  Stage I Chassis Kit    
  Chassis kit with engine and transmission cross members and mount, K member, front spring perch, kick up reinforcing, body mounts.    
  Stage II Chassis Kit (Additional to Stage I Kit)    
  Front axle, spring, perches and shackles, with batwings, 4 bar and steering arms, disc brake adapters, steering rod and drag link supplied, tie rod ends supplied, set up for steering box. Brake pedal and mounts installed, rear cross members and bracketery for Jaguar suspension or 8" Ford set up, battery mounts, front shock/ headlamp towers/ brackets.    
  Stage III Chassis Kit (Additional to Stage I and Stage II Kit)    
  Supply front disc rotors and calipers, stub axles, supply and ream king pins, modified steering box, brake booster and master cylinder, complete Jaguar disc brake independent rear suspension or substitute 8" drum brake Ford, 4 bar with coil over shock absorbers.

Please note that automotive donor vehicle components are supplied in used condition and reconditioning of these components is recommended.
We can upgrade new for used on donor vehicle parts such as front disc brake rotors, wheel bearings, brake master cylinder, booster and steering box. Adjustable coil over shocks in lieu of non-adjustable coil over shocks. Call for pricing.



  Bare Chassis $3,500  



  Stage I $4,500  



        Pick Up Bed $700
  Stage II 8" Ford $9,000  

Turtle Deck


  Stage III 8" Ford $10,500  



        Grill Shell $250
  Stage II Jag $9,000  

W’screen Posts


  Stage III Jag $10,500  

Complete Kit



Component Assembly














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